Marc Shulz, PhD: The Secret To Living A Happy Life

The secret to living a happy life may not be as complicated or mysterious as you think. But what does that look like? How can it be attained? Well Marc Shulz, Phd from Harvard University has been a part of a 85 year social science experience. The topic? Happiness. He shared his findings as a co-author alongside Dr. Robert Waldinger called The Good Life: Lessons from the World’s Largest Scientific Study of Happiness. Lets take a quick look into the findings!

Myths Debunked

  • Happiness is NOT dependent on your financial success.
  • Genes have to do with our happiness, but studies show they only affect about 50% of it. Your mind still has control!
  • Your childhood experiences don’t determine the long-term fate of your happiness.

Secrets of Happiness

  • Relationships are critical for our happiness. You could have financial, professional, and social success, but without quality relationships you may still feel unsatisfied.
  • Physical activity is a wonderful tool to long-term happiness. Move those muscles!
  • When it comes to making and keeping connections with others, quality is over quantity! Invest in your relationships and take time and effort to strengthen them.
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