Male Youth Pornography Addiction Workshop

Male Youth Pornography Addiction Workshop

Mending the Armor Workshops

Pornography is a destructive force to youth everywhere. Pornography has been shown to create addiction with many negative effects including: decreased sense of self, poor emotional regulation, impulse control, decreased social functioning, and increased relationship difficulties.

With all addictions the earlier the intervention the better the long term outcome. Many youth struggle with pornography in shameful silence hoping that periods of abstinence is sufficient to gain recovery. Without support, knowledge, and structured guidance recovery is near impossible.

Aspen Counseling is now offering an individualized treatment support program for young males struggling with pornography addiction. Clients will meet with their Therapist weekly to address understanding the destructive nature of pornography, tracking and changing unwanted behaviors, building support systems, and relapse recovery plans following the LDS based Mending the Armor recovery program.

Mending the Armor Recovery Treatment

Step one – Facing the Problem
Step two – The Cycle of Addiction
Step three – The Science of Pornography Addiction
Step four – Secrecy
Step five – Shame and Guilt
Step six – Damage and Harm
Step seven – Disclosure
Step eight – Underlying Emotional Issues
Step nine – Thought Control
Step ten – Thinking Errors
Step eleven – Abstinence Maintenance
Step twelve – Recovery Plan

$38 Workbook fee.


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