Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Marriages take a lot of hard work, however in numerous relationships the last thing spouses focus on is their commitment to one another. Hectic schedules involving raising children, careers and other demands often get in the way of focusing on our marriages. When we don’t work on our marriages, our spouses can become the classic “roommate” where we are merely passing each other in the hall.

Do you or your spouse:

  • Resent one another?
  • Continue to bring up past events or issues when arguing?
  • Feel that you no longer make time for one another?
  • Criticize one another?
  • Disagree on how to parent your children?
  • Withdraw from one another?
  • Focus on the negative instead of the positive aspects of your marriage?
  • Become defensive with one another?
  • View pornography?
  • Lack trust between each other?
  • Argue and yell when attempting to have a discussion?
  • Lack positive communication skills?
  • Feel a sense of boredom in your relationship?
  • Not spend enough quality time together?
  • Recognize that changes need to be made to your marriage but don’t know how to begin?
  • If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you and your spouse may benefit from marriage counseling.

Good communication is the most important aspect in a healthy marriage. It is essential in dealing with issues and events that will come your way as a couple. Marriage counseling will help you learn and understand each other’s needs, fears, concerns, feelings, beliefs and expectations.

If you think your marriage is in trouble, do not wait. Make an appointment and seek professional counseling as soon as any of the above warning signs appear. If your spouse is hesitant to attend marriage counseling, feel free to begin individual therapy sessions for yourself.

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